Question: How does light pollution affect people living in a city? How to give it a more poetical meaning?

As I walked around the streets of cities at night, I began to be bothered by the amount of light and bright advertisements scattered around every street corner, calling for consumption at all hours of the day and night. I quickly realised that it was this form of violence that called out the strongest reaction to me. This series of photographs, taken in different cities of Europe, plays with this poetry, changing the classical sense of architecture to create new stories and focus on its chromatic impact.

Fine Art Photography
Red Corridor – 2017
Abstract photography
Interhemispheric Green 1 – 2017
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Bricks – 2018
Abstract art in Berlin
Gouttes – 2018
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Tetris – 2018
Visual artist in Berlin
Labyrinthe – 2019
Abstraction and colours
Interhemispheric Yellow 2 – 2018
Creative photography
Heckmann 3 – 2018
Abstract digital photography
Prager Kreuz 1 – 2018
Black an red abstract photography
Apotor – 2019
Blue abstract photography
Heckmann Blue 4 – 2018
Black and white abstract photography, bw photo
Shotgun – 2018
Abstract photography
Bois – 2018
The Neon Demon
The Neon Demon – 2018
Flower pattern, shadows on a wall
Ampel Torstr – 2018
Orange light close to a tree
Whisper – 2018
Abstract photography
Naissance – 2018
Blue abstract digital art
Interhemispheric Blue 4 – 2018

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