Beyond The Blinds

Question: How to save an important historical building from being forgotten?

In September 2013 I had the opportunity to capture, for the first time in the history of the building, the abandoned laboratories of the Robert-Koch-Forum in Berlin. This building, built between 1873 and 1883 for the Friedrich-Wilhelm University (today Humboldt University) to house the institutes of science and medicine, was named after Professor Robert Koch, who shared his discovery of the tuberculosis pathogen in the library of this institute.

As these images are inserted in a fascinating historical context, they enable us to go back over some events of the science's history as well as the city's history.

Green door abandoned laboratory
Radio Active - Berlin - 2013
Red room abandoned place
Red Corner - Berlin - 2013
Round blue staircase Berlin
Nautilus - Berlin - 2013
Amphitheatre Robert Koch
RK Saal from SW 3 - Berlin - 2013
Renovation work abandoned building
Grenzen - Berlin - 2013
White empty room abandoned building
Wiped Out - Berlin - 2013
Urban exploration Berlin
Sulfureux L - Berlin - 2013
Buy Fine Art Photography lost place
Silent Poetry - Berlin - 2013
Cooling system abandoned building
Nothing to lose - Berlin - 2013
Beyond The Blinds Amaury Wenger
Lavage - Berlin - 2013
Urban exploration photography
Rat's cycle 2 - Berlin - 2013
Black and white photography, bw photo
Cyclothymique - Berlin - 2013
Abandoned laboratory Berlin
Mutisme - Berlin - 2013
Staircase geometry architecture photo
5S - Berlin - 2013
Empty bookshelves, lost place Berlin
Invisible Books - Berlin - 2013
Architectural photography urbex
Undiscoverable - Berlin - 2013
Robert Koch Forum Berlin
Werkstatt 3 - Berlin - 2013
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Brown Window - Berlin - 2013

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