Question: How to bring people to relax and interact with nature?

In opposition to the violent and artificial lights that strike at night, what could be more calm and peaceful than a sunset? I thus wanted to recreate a link with Nature, far from mankind and the city, and began by photographing the sky at different times of the day, in different conditions, to form a representative chromatic palette. After changing the direction of these gradients in order to accentuate their abstraction, I printed them on Dibond of different forms. The hanging system allows us to rotate the prints around their centre, giving the series its final dimension: life. As the viewers freely interact with the installation, they create a work in perpetual evolution, in perpetual movement.

A project about peace
Peace 1 – 2018
Abstract digital art
Peace 2 – 2018
Art installation
Peace 3 – 2018
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Peace 4 – 2018
Abstract Art installation
Peace 5 – 2018
Abstract peace photography
Peace 6 – 2018
Natural gradients
Peace 7 – 2018
Sky photography sunset sunrise
Peace 8 – 2018
Premium limited edition photography
Peace 9 – 2018
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Peace 10 – 2018
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Peace 11 – 2018
Sunrise photography creative
Peace 12 – 2018

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