Kramer's Dream

Question: Is it possible to combine the optics of photography with the haptics of woodcut?

This series is dedicated to the aesthetic potential of a transmedial technique. Kramer's Dream is the result of extensive research into how analogue photography and woodcut can be brought together in the darkroom.

The artistic work of Paul Gauguin and the woodcut workshop of Andreas Kramer served as an inspirational starting point for this series. Gauguin is better known for his expressionist paintings in Polynesia than for his high-contrast woodcuts, which were exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris in 2018 and sparked Wenger's fascination with the medium. The woodcut, with its simple means and intense expressiveness, especially when using primary colours, prompted Wenger to learn the technique himself, which he was able to do with the Berlin artist Andreas Kramer.

In his architectural studies, geometric and therefore austere structures were omnipresent. This series is dedicated to an aesthetic liberation in form and composition, which is reflected in both the artistic process and the technique used: Everything takes place in the darkroom, where the chemical processes of the medium intertwine with the processuality of the woodcut's layering system. Stencils cover and form overlapping negative films. It is a complex interplay of visibility and influence, transparency and invisibility, decision and intuition.

Intense colours and geometric shapes meet painterly elements in a constant dialogue. The search for compositional balance, an oscillating tension of formal characteristics, characterises this series. The interlocking techniques overlap in a multi-layered way, revealing the immanent aesthetics of the medium.

Experimental photography
Chaos 1 - Berlin - 2018
Abstract film photography
Chaos Circle 1 - Berlin - 2018
Abstract art
Chaos Cover 3-5 - Berlin - 2018
Chaotic patterns
Chaos 22 - Berlin - 2018
Geometry and chaos
Chaos Cover DIV 2 - Berlin - 2018
Woodcut and film photography
Chaos Cover 1-3 - Berlin - 2018
Darkroom experiment
Chaos Geometry 1-12 - Berlin - 2018
Chaotic pattern and geometry
Chaos Cover 3-1 - Berlin - 2018
Chaos and geometry
Chaos Cover 4-2 - Berlin - 2018
Abstract art
Chaos Cover 2-6 - Berlin - 2018
Kramer's dream by Amaury Wenger
Chaos Geometry 2-4 - Berlin - 2018
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Chaos Circle 4 - Berlin - 2018
Triangles with chaos
Chaos Geometry 1-1 - Berlin - 2018
Chaotic pattern
Chaos 12 - Berlin - 2018
Experimental film photography and woodcut
Chaos Cover 4-6 - Berlin - 2018
Geometric forms on photo paper
Chaos Geometry 3-2 - Berlin - 2018
Triangles and circle on photo paper
Chaos Cover 2-5 - Berlin - 2018
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Chaos Circle 10 - Berlin - 2018
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