Question: How have European port cities developed over the past centuries and how does the architecture reflect the city's past?

The value of ports in the development of civilisations is immense. As engines of trade and cultural exchange, they are indicators of economic and social relevance. Because of their strategic importance, they have often been the target of hostile nations seeking to bring the country to which they belong to its knees. This has led to many phases of reconstruction, redefining urban identities, often with contradictory intentions: to celebrate a rebirth from the ashes without forgetting the city’s history.

Dramatic titanic cranes feed the hungry bellies of metal beasts day and night, while no trace of human life seems to be possible in these concrete wastelands. Elegant tiles frame the pier, next to an imposing wooden sailing ship, its mast rising into the light blue sky. The restaurants are full of laughter. The face and function of the ports can't be generalised, but only revealed by looking closely, by reading the stories written in these urban identities.

Portspectives is a series of photographs that searches for both the beauty and the beast, the unknown detail and the overlooked truth.

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Stars in the sky from a bridge
Stars in the city - Düsseldorf - 2014
Black and white photo in Hamburg Germany
Elbphilharmonie - Hamburg - 2014
Entrance of university with stairs in Hamburg
HafenCity University - Hamburg - 2014
Man cycling in front of a building in Amsterdam
VU University - Amsterdam - 2014
Different styles of architecture in Amsterdam
Java Island - Amsterdam - 2014
Abstract photography, crossing lines in Rotterdam
Delftse Poort Offices - Rotterdam - 2014
Famous Rotterdam bridge with long time exposure
Erasmus Bridge - Rotterdam - 2014
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Opera House - Oslo - 2014
Colourful glas entrance in Oslo
Akerselva Atrium - Oslo - 2014
Famous subway station with blue pattern in Stockholm
T-Centralen Metro Station - Stockholm - 2014
Abstract photography of a sculpture in Barcelona
Flügel - Barcelona - 2014
Abstract photography Amaury Wenger
Encants Market - Barcelona - 2014
Famous hotel in Barcelona
Hotel W - Barcelona - 2014
Major museum in Istanbul
Museum of Modern Art - Istanbul - 2015
Lively arty cool neighborhood in Istanbul
Corner Karaköy - Istanbul - 2015
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Wavelength - Helsinki - 2015
Bike passing by in front of a building
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art - Helsinki - 2015
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Drop - Le Havre - 2015
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Le Volcan 1 - Le Havre - 2015
Courtyard of famous museum in Tallinn
Museum of Occupations - Tallinn - 2015
Entrance of a residential building in Tallinn
Koidula Apartment Entrance - Tallinn - 2015
Upside-down picture, architectural photography
Vieux Port Pavilion - Marseille - 2015
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Envolée - Marseille - 2015
Two towers of hotel with backlight sunlight
Bella Sky - Copenhagen - 2015
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The Crystal - Copenhagen - 2015
Modern shopping alley entrance in Porto
Placa de Lisboa - Porto - 2015
Limited print architecture photography
Casa de Serralves - Porto - 2015
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Hemisfèric Abstract - Valencia - 2015
Photo of a park in Valencia by Amaury Wenger
Umbracle - Valencia - 2015
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Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía - Valencia - 2015
Modern building in Valencia
Hemisfèric - Valencia - 2015
Frog view of the inside of a theatre in Liverpool
Everyman Theatre - Liverpool - 2016
Abstract Fine Art Photography
Museum of Liverpool - Liverpool - 2016
Red escalators in Liverpool, long time exposure
Odeon – Liverpool One - Liverpool - 2016
Abstract architecture photography
Gobage - Valencia - 2019
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Assut de l'Or - Valencia - 2019
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