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Question: When does a black and white picture turns into a coloured one?

When does a black and white picture turns into a coloured one? If I take a black and white photograph and draw a red point on it, is it turned into a coloured photo? And if I draw three? Or a line? Why are black and white not considered colours? Why haven’t we chosen red and green as extremes? Way too many questions floating in my mind while drawing these pieces. All drawings are the results of countless hours of research and are unique. It is an on-going series on different papers and in different sizes.

Black lines pattern with coloured circle
200629-1 – 2020
Abstract drawing with black lines pattern
200630-1 – 2020
Triangle with coloured circle, black lines drawing
200704-2 – 2020
Geometry, pattern, centered circle
200705-1 – 2020
Abstract geometric forms with complementary colours
200706-1 – 2020
Colour or black and white pattern
200709-1 – 2020
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200716-1 – 2020
Fine Art drawing with green triangles
200630-2 – 2020
Abstract handmade visual art with triangles
200704-1 – 2020
Abstract Fine Art with curves pattern
210423-1 – 2021
Waves pattern with holes
210423-2 – 2021
Black lines drawing with rainbow
210509-1 – 2021

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