Schrödinger's Cat - Superposition

Question: In a world where art is divided into two categories, black and white on the one hand and colour on the other, is it possible to create a work of art that is both?

A work of art cannot be black and white and coloured at the same time. It seems logical that two mutually exclusive states or facts cannot exist simultaneously. This common assumption was challenged in 1935 by Erwin Schrödinger with a thought experiment.

The physicist and science theorist imagined a cat enclosed in a hermetically sealed, opaque box. The box also contains a radioactive source and a mechanism that releases a poison at a certain radiation threshold, killing the cat. Unless we open the box, there is no way of knowing whether the cat is dead or alive. Erwin Schrödinger suggested: The cat is both dead and alive.

Schrödinger's experiment represents one of the fundamental principles of quantum physics, known as quantum superposition. This principle states that a quantum system – such as an atom or a particle – can have multiple values for an observable quantity, such as its position or its spin. As long as no measurement is made, this system is in a state of superposition and can randomly take on all possible values.

Based on this principle, Wenger created a work that can be black and white as well as coloured. It is only on viewing the works in the series, which comprises 16 installations, that a measurement takes place, that determines the state of the artwork. When the eye views an installation against the light, the brain interprets the optical signals for the colours according to its own tolerance threshold. Until this measurement has taken place, the artwork is in a state of superposition, being both colour and black and white.

The aesthetic experience of Wenger's "Superposition" makes a complex problem of quantum physics tangible and at the same time raises epistemological questions, because in the relationship between the artistic objects and the viewer, the boundaries between the subjective and the objective become fluid.

Animated gif of an artwork inspired by quantum physics
Cat n° 15 - Berlin - 2020
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One of the artworks from the side - Berlin – 2020
Animated gif with a moving blue pattern
Cat n° 10 - Berlin – 2020
Schrödinger's cat experiment quantum physics
Cat n° 9 - Berlin – 2020
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Cat n° 13 - Berlin – 2020
Magnifying glass from above
Cat n° 11 from above - Berlin – 2020
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Cat n° 14 - Berlin – 2020
Animated gif of an illustration with a moving yellow pattern
Cat n° 11 - Berlin – 2020
Fine Art inspired by quantum physics
Cat n° 8 from behind - Berlin – 2020
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Cat n° 8 - Berlin – 2020
A side view of a magnifying glass with abstract illustration
Cat n° 6 - Berlin – 2020
Animated gif with a moving green pattern
Cat n° 15 - Berlin – 2020
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