Lost Places

Question: How to document the life of a building after its official use? What remains when humans abandon a place they used to interact with in a classical way?

In this series, my work focuses mainly on the absence, these "invisible bodies" which divert the construction from its initial use or, on the contrary, from the sublime. Thus, I am only the tool which narrates these ephemeral tales that tomorrow will, perhaps, no longer be, in order to give a new meaning to architecture, to offer a new look to the spectators who invent, in their turn, a new story: their own.

Entrance abandonned place Berlin
Schöneberg Südgelände - Berlin - 2012
Blue graffiti Düsseldorf Germany
Blue faces - Düsseldorf - 2014
Depth of field photography
Death of field - Berlin - 2012
Abandoned place Berlin
Once Upon a Time - Berlin - 2012
Sunset water reflection
Délivrance - Berlin - 2012
Collège Voltaire Berlin Germany
Collège Voltaire - Berlin - 2014
Lost place Berlin
Chaos - Berlin - 2012
Broken window frame Berlin
Freedom - Berlin - 2012
Sleeping homeless abandoned place
No Faith - Berlin - 2012
Red corridor children hospital
Red Ward - Berlin - 2013
Concrete pattern lost place
Spécimen Urbain - Berlin - 2013
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Yellow Ward - Berlin - 2013
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Les joies de Voltaire 3 - Berlin - 2014
Damaged wall hole
Through The Hole (Düsseldorf) - Düsseldorf - 2014
Open door abandoned place
Into The Void - Düsseldorf - 2014
Abstract architecture photography
Vol-Ver Square - Berlin - 2014
Graffiti lost place
Pausbackig - Düsseldorf - 2014
Geometry architecture photography
SP27/SP29 - Italy - 2013

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