Beyond The Blinds

Shortly before the last scientists move to another building, I got the chance to take pictures for the first time of the abandonned laboratories of the Robert-Koch-Forum in Berlin. These poetic shots bring rooms to light, that are full of tracks from their past life. It’s in this ensemble from the 19th century, that Robert Koch announced his discovery about the specific causative agents of tuberculosis.

The complex totals 5,500 square metres of floor space. This includes common rooms, assay and cold rooms, laboratories, archives, cellars and libraries, lecture halls and amphitheatre. A panoply that helped me capture a variety of different atmospheric situations in a broad range of colours.

Set within a historical context, the images create a photographic exploration like a journey back in time. Filled from floor to ceiling with traces of their former life, the documented rooms are a testament to their long-standing destiny.

Although the Robert-Koch-Forum has always been an important centre for science and research in Berlin, only a handful of photographers occasionally had the opportunity of taking photographs there. Before the last vestiges of a famous Berlin research centre are wiped away by the forthcoming renovations, I aim with this photographic work to preserve the memory of the past.

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Radio Active
Radio Active - Berlin - 2013
Nautilus - Berlin - 2013
Silent Poetry
Silent Poetry - Berlin - 2013
Wasserhahn RK
Wasserhahn RK - Berlin - 2013
Red Corner
Red Corner - Berlin - 2013
RK Saal from SW 3
RK Saal from SW 3 - Berlin - 2013
Grenzen - Berlin - 2013
Wiped Out
Wiped Out - Berlin - 2013
Sulfureux 1
Sulfureux 1 - Berlin - 2013
Deployment - Berlin - 2013
Nothing to lose
Nothing to lose - Berlin - 2013
Lavage - Berlin - 2013
Rat's cycle 2
Rat's cycle 2 - Berlin - 2013
Cyclothymique - Berlin - 2013
Anachronisme - Berlin - 2013
Mutisme - Berlin - 2013
Ansicht vom Hörsaal institut für Pharmakologie
Ansicht vom Hörsaal institut für Pharmakologie - Berlin - 2013
5S - Berlin - 2013
Invisible Books
Invisible Books - Berlin - 2013
Secret entrance
Secret entrance - Berlin - 2013
Undiscoverable - Berlin - 2013
Werkstatt 3
Werkstatt 3 - Berlin - 2013