Born and raised in the beautiful capital of France, I’ve always been passionate about photography. During my studies in architecture, I’ve moved to Berlin to discover a new culture, a new conception of aesthetics and push the boundaries of my creativity.

Fascinated by the different states of architecture, I’ve started photographing abandoned places to catch the use of space during its afterlife, as well as construction sites to reveal the interaction between the architecture and the peoples who create it.

Studying architecture in both France and Germany has given me a unique way of looking at space and a sensitivity for structural details. Working with architects and construction companies from all over Europe, the focus of my work is understanding what defines space in order to describe it with sensibility and optimal light. If you’re just looking for someone who puts a tripod in the corner and clicks, I’m not your man!

Loving to communicate my passion to the younger generation, I’m also teaching in several institutions like the famous museum for photography C/O Berlin and the design akademie berlin.

Contact me now and let’s discuss your next adventure! Professional architectural photography is the guarantee of your company in creating your brand image, advertising and marketing!

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Amaury Wenger


  • CA'ASI la maison commune - Hugo Lacroix - Architecture-Studio - ISBN 978-2-9542605-9-4





  • MIFA 2016 - Na Kashirke Gallery - Moscow, Russia (group)


  • Arty Show - 912 Arty Gallery - Lourmarin, France (group)
  • Beyond the Blinds - Deutsches Technikmuseum - Berlin, Germany (solo)


  • Before the show - Berliner Fenster - Berlin, Germany (solo)
  • Planetarium - Praxis am Planetarium - Berlin, Germany (solo)
  • Berliner Fenster - Berlin, Germany (solo)


  • Construction Ahead - CA'ASI - Venice, Italy (group)