Amaury Wenger, born in Paris in 1987, specialised in architectural photography with a particular regard to construction sites and abandoned places.

Less fascinated by the „official life“ of a building, i.e. the time in which a building is actually being used, he is more interested in the „before“ and „after“. By reflecting traces of the future and past life at any given state of construction, his photography indirectly enters a symbiosis with the architecture. His images invite the observer to walk through scenes of the past and settings of the future.

Studying architecture in France and Germany has given the artist a unique way of looking at space and a sensitivity for structural details. His work does not claim to be the complete description of a building. Focus is more on contrasts, shapes and atmosphere – using the architecture as a background – in order to create a continuity of images which then – like the pieces of a puzzle – reflect his personal observations of the place.

Amaury Wenger is currently working on a long-term project on modern architecture in European harbors.

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Amaury Wenger